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2 March 2021

We held our monthly Tenants’ Forum on Zoom on 24 February.  Thanks to all those who attended.

MONTHLY UPDATE: Gwilym Gibbons, Chief Executive of The Crichton Trust welcomed tenants and partners to the meeting. Main points of update:


Access to Crichton Central: In response to a question about timescales for accessing Crichton Central, Gwilym confirmed that although there would likely be a phased opening of Crichton Central when restrictions ease, we are not permitted to occupy any area of the building until the whole building has got a Completion Certificate, so partial access will not be possible and this will also depend on any delays imposed by Covid restrictions and the time taken to get the Completion Certificate.

ZOOM IN ON OUR TENANTS/PARTNERS: We welcomed Professor Carol Hill, Head of School of Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Glasgow, Dumfries Campus to the meeting today. Carol’s update covered an overview of The University of Glasgow’s history in Dumfries, the impact of Covid-19 on academic life as well as new developments.

The University of Glasgow, Dumfries Campus Update:

Key points of interest:


What happened in 2018 to generate growth? Growth in student numbers resulted from a revised curriculum and in the development of more relevant and career-focussed professional degree programmes.

Gwilym thanked Carol for her update and ongoing collaboration.

Anyone interested in contacting Professor Hill can email:

Find out more about all tenants on The Crichton Directory –


If you are a tenant at The Crichton, please remember to keep your profile updated on The Crichton Directory too. Just send us an email and we will update it for you:

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If you would like us to zoom in on your business at future meetings, please get in touch!

The next Tenants’ Forum will be on Wednesday 31 March at 11am and will include an update from Graeme Galloway, Programme Director of DYW Dumfries and Galloway. As usual, tenants will receive an email invitation from The Crichton Trust with ID details.  Any queries please contact the office on 01387 247544.

If you are a tenant or partner at The Crichton and you would like to provide an update at a future meeting please email: 

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