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20 June 2021

We held our monthly Tenants’ Forum on Teams on 26 May.  Thanks to all those who attended.

MONTHLY UPDATE: Craig Renton, Chief Operating Officer at The Crichton Trust welcomed tenants and partners to the meeting including Emma Eden who provided an insight into the work of Genesis Occupational Health and Safety. Main points of update:

UPDATE FROM OUR TENANTS/PARTNERS: Craig welcomed Emma Eden, Director of Genesis Occupational Health and Safety to the meeting to provide a Tenant Update.

Key points of interest:


Anyone interested in working with Emma and her team at Genesis Occupational Health and safety can visit: 

Craig thanked Emma for her update.

Find out more about all tenants on The Crichton Directory –


If you are a tenant at The Crichton, please remember to keep your profile updated on The Crichton Directory – complete the form at the top of the page or email:

Please encourage your colleagues to sign up to The Crichton Trust Newsletter which is accessible in the footer of our website and to browse The Crichton Magazine.

If you would like to provide an update at future meetings, please get in touch.

The next Tenants’ Forum will take place on Wednesday 30 June at 11am.  As usual, tenants will receive an email invitation from The Crichton Trust with joining details.  Please note future meetings will take place on Teams. Any queries please contact the office on 01387 247544.

The next Crichton Briefing (now quarterly) will take place on Tuesday 7 September at 4pm. Details will be shared on social media. All welcome.

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