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29 January 2021

We held our monthly Tenants’ Forum on Zoom on 27 January.  Thanks to all those who attended.

MONTHLY UPDATE: Gwilym Gibbons, Chief Executive of The Crichton Trust welcomed tenants and partners to the meeting and welcomed Craig Renton, as the new Chief Operating Officer to the meeting for the first time. Main points of update:

This is quite a transformational moment for The Crichton. It is a challenging time for everyone, but The Crichton is a good place to be at this time! We are committed to working with tenants (as investing partners) to build forward from this pandemic and in caring for the wellbeing of our people, place, partners and planet.


The impact of Covid-19 on Tenancy Contracts at The Crichton: Following a question on the matter, Gordon Clark confirmed that The Crichton Trust has both lost and gained new tenants as a direct result of Covid-19 and have provided flexible payment plans to support tenants too. This was an inevitable outcome, although Gwilym added that we may yet see further changes to tenancy agreements depending on how/if people transition back to offices, continue working from home or utilising co-working spaces. If required and pending the demand for flexible working spaces, The Crichton Trust is well placed to develop and utilise spaces that are yet to be developed, or become vacant, to meet the future needs of The Crichton Community. SRUC have plans to reduce their presence on site as part of a wider strategic change.

Holiday Inn Update: Jamie Milligan reported that the hotel remains open (to residents only) during this current lockdown to provide accommodation to keyworkers including doctors, nurses and dentists. Demand for Spring remains uncertain due to current restrictions.

ZOOM IN ON OUR TENANTS/PARTNERS: We welcomed Diane Cooper, Partnerships Manager and Derek Goldman, Knowledge Exchange Manager from the Open University in Scotland to the meeting today. Diane delivered an update on the OU response to Covid-19 and their ongoing contribution to the upskilling of individuals in Scotland.

The Open University in Scotland Update:

Gwilym thanked Diane and Derek for their update and attendance at the meeting.

Anyone interested in more information or want to discuss any of the above contact Diane via email:

Find out more about all tenants on The Crichton Directory –


If you are a tenant at The Crichton, please remember to keep your profile updated on The Crichton Directory too. Just send us an email and we will update it for you:

Please encourage your colleagues to sign up to The Crichton Trust Newsletter which is accessible in the footer of our website and to browse The Crichton Magazine.

If you would like us to zoom in on your business at future meetings, please get in touch!

The next Tenants’ Forum will be on Wednesday 24 February at 11am. Professor Carol Hill will be providing an update about the University of Glasgow. As usual, tenants will receive an email invitation from The Crichton Trust with ID details.  Any queries please contact the office on 01387 247544.

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