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2 December 2020

We held our monthly Tenants’ Forum on Zoom on 25 November.  Thanks to those who attended.

MONTHLY UPDATE: Gwilym Gibbons, Chief Executive of The Crichton Trust welcomed tenants and partners to the meeting which was well attended. Key points of interest included the ongoing progress of the Crichton Central development and plans for a phased opening of the new co-working space from February 2021, with a formal launch in the Spring. A phased opening would depend on the current status of covid-19 and the vaccination programme. Gwilym confirmed that there would be an opportunity for tenants to make an informal visit to Crichton Central in the new year. Easterbrook Hall will remain closed to the public until at least March 2021, but the team are still available to take any enquiries about existing or new bookings.  Easterbrook Bistro will be open daily until 23rd December and will serve festive lunches and afternoon teas until then. The Bistro will close during the Christmas break and reopen on 7 January.

Q&A: Further discussion took place around the phased opening of Crichton Central and the possible temporary closure of Easterbrook Bistro in February, when there is unlikely to be sufficient demand to open both facilities during the early part of the year. Gwilym also responded to questions about membership packages for Crichton Central and the timely launch of Crichton Central, which all going to plan, will provide a new venue for networking and collaboration at a time when the country is potentially preparing for a cautious return to workplaces.

A discussion also took place regarding attendance at these meetings. It was great to see some new faces at the meeting and Gwilym reiterated that all tenants (and multiple representatives) are welcome to attend these meetings and encouraged organisations to share details of the meetings with colleagues. Tenants were also reminded about The Crichton website, where they can sign up to newsletters, read The Crichton Magazine and blog posts.

There was also further interest in plans for Crichton Hall and a suggestion that the new owners should be invited to provide an update at a future meeting.

ZOOM IN ON OUR TENANTS: There was no tenant update at this meeting, but plans are in place to receive an update from the Open University in Scotland in January and an update from the University of Glasgow in February 2021.

Find out more about all tenants on The Crichton Directory –


If you are a tenant at The Crichton, please remember to keep your profile updated on The Crichton Directory too. Just send us an email and we will update it for you:

Please encourage your colleagues to sign up to The Crichton Trust Newsletter which is accessible in the footer of our website and to browse The Crichton Magazine.

If you would like us to zoom in on your business at future meetings, please get in touch!

The next Tenants’ Forum will be on Wednesday 27 January at 11am. Derek Goldman and Diane Cooper will be providing an update about the Open University in Scotland. As usual, tenants will receive an email invitation from The Crichton Trust with ID details.  Any queries please contact the office on 01387 247544.

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