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4 January 2023 THE CRICHTON NETWORKING FORUM (Formerly Tenants’ Forum): At recent meetings of the Tenants’ Forum, we have invited feedback about the timing of future meetings and as a result of the feedback received, it has been agreed that our 2023 meetings will take the form of face-to-face breakfast meetings at Crichton Central on the first Thursday of the month and will become The Crichton Networking Forum.  These meetings are for business, third sector and academic partners and tenants. All welcome. Our first Networking Forum will take place on Thursday 5th January at 8.30am-9.30am and will take place in-person in the FlexiSpace at Crichton Central. The meeting will be hosted by Rachel Cowper, Chief Operating Officer at The Crichton Trust. Breakfast will be provided. A follow up discussion will take place to pick up on the content of the presentation given by Zero Matters on the 30th November. DATES OF MEETINGS IN 2023 (8.30am-9.30am at Crichton Central): PLANS FOR THESE MEETINGS: Rachel will update everyone with relevant news and opportunities from The Crichton Trust, but the main purpose of these meetings is to hear from you, our tenants and partners, so please come prepared to introduce yourself and your business and to use this opportunity to get to know others on site. If you have something you would like to promote, news to share, successes to shout about or an ‘ask’ of The Crichton Community then this is your chance. If you miss these meetings, you can find the highlights on our blog. THEMED MEETINGS: From time to time, we will host themed meetings with guest speakers, so if you have any suggestions about themes or speakers, please let Rachel know. JOIN THE MEETING: For catering purposes please confirm your attendance by calling 01387 247544 or emailing: CHECKLIST FOR TENANTS AND PARTNERS: Is your business entry up to date in The Crichton Directory? Have you read the latest issue of The Crichton Magazine? Are you up to date with What’s On or want to run an event at The Crichton? Do you follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn? Have you got news to share within The Crichton Community – email: Want to chat with someone from The Crichton Trust? #TheCrichton #TheCrichtonCommunity
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