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Heritage and The Arts: An Online Exhibition from The Open University

The Crichton Royal Institution was a crucial site for the development of the arts and related activities for entertainment, occupation and therapy within nineteenth-century psychiatry. The Crichton Archive is accessible at the Ewart Library in Dumfries, is a valuable source of information on this development, offering one of the most comprehensive collections of material of its kind, from playbills and concert programmes, patient artwork and writing to reports and publications that explain and describe the activities. This online exhibition showcases some of the key artefacts and documents that tell the important story of the arts at the Crichton.

Research and Development

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The team at The Open University have been working through The Crichton’s archives to develop and online exhibition focused on heritage and the arts at The Crichton. This project has been developed in collaboration with The Open University with funding from the National Centre for Academic and Cultural Exchange.

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