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At Crichton Central we will create a terminus and interchange for ideas – a central station for #TheCrichton and all that happens here – academic, business (solely commercial and social enterprise) and everything in between. It will be a model place for co-habitation, networking, and innovation. A place for informal knowledge exchange: between the student, business, academic and resident community (including the proposed Crichton Care Campus). A world destination of choice for the mobile worker and innovative thinker, not just a home for everyone on #TheCrichton to meet and connect but a place for those outside, to join up with those within, to collaborate and do business – all gigabit connected to the world.

The Centre will include;

Proposed Crichton Central Floor Plan 2019 – target opening date; Early 2020

  • 5 Stars for Easterbrook Hall

    Here for a Dumfries & Galloway Chamber Business Lunch, great venue and fantastic food!


    Doug Wilson, Dumfries & Galloway Chamber Lunch
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