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Get Involved

This page has more information if you and the rest of your household are interested in getting involved or want to know more. We would really appreciate your participation! This project involves some fun and engaging activities for everyone.

Over the next few months, we want to meet with several households in Dumfries to think and talk about digital technologies in different ways. We want to make sure that our research includes a wide range of different families who live in Dumfries, whether you’re from a large multigenerational family or you live alone. You do not need to be an ‘expert’ in technology to get involved.

Group discussion and walking interview. With permission from everyone in the house, our Research Associate Ryan would host a household discussion about using technologies in the home. This discussion would preferably take place at your home whenever is convenient for you but can also be arranged elsewhere if you prefer. This discussion would last approximately 90 minutes.

After the discussion, each member of the home can give Ryan a tour of the house and elaborate on where, when, and why you use different technologies in different spaces. Each family member’s tour would last approximately 15 minutes.

One-day diary. We would also ask all household members to fill in a one-day diary, documenting what technologies you use in their daily lives on any given day. You can choose whether you want a paper or digital version to complete.

This diary can even be completed before Ryan’s visit to the home. Workshop. Sometime in early 2022 (to be announced), we would also ask for your participation in a collaborative workshop about the future of connected homes.

If you and the rest of your household are interested in getting involved or want to know more, please get in touch with Ryan Casey. This project is intended to be fun and engaging and will help inform how we might design technologies and homes of the future.

Call/text/WhatsApp: 07943 677269

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