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Welcome to Connected Homes. We are team of researchers from The Crichton Trust and the University of Glasgow working on a project ‘Co-creating connected homes with households to support wellbeing in a rural location’. This project is about how digital connectivity, data-driven services, and home life are interconnected in Dumfries.

We hope you will join us on this journey to understand how people use digital technologies in their home lives and how technology can help to make home life more manageable and enjoyable. We are interested in what kinds of technologies people use, what households like or don’t like about the technologies in their everyday lives, and what connected homes of the future might look like

This project is based in Dumfries. One of the reasons for this is to build upon The Crichton Trust’s 2018 Care Campus project, which found that households are increasingly reliant on digital and smart technologies to support wellbeing. We will explore this further to better understand how connected homes can meet the needs and desires of households, enhance people’s home lives, and make Dumfries a good place to live.

We want to make sure that the research includes the experiences of as wide range of people as possible who live in Dumfries, so if you are a resident wondering whether and how you can take part in this research, we would be delighted to hear from you!

Update 31 August 2022: Thank you to everyone who participated in this study. See Final Report.

Our Team

L-R: Jennifer Challinor, Ryan Casey, Bridgette Wessels, Alexander Whitelaw and Bishakha Chaudhury

Jennifer Challinor, Head of Research and Development, The Crichton Trust

Ryan Casey, Research Associate, The Crichton Trust / University of Glasgow

Bridgette Wessels, Professor in the Sociology of Social Inequalities, University of Glasgow

Alexander Whitelaw, Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Glasgow

Bishakha Chaudhury, Knowledge Exchange Associate, University of Glasgow

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