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30 May 2022


Local partners have been developing ambitious plans to reconnect Ladyfield with The Crichton and to create a multi-generational housing community on the land, now referred to as The Crichton 21st Century Village.  The Ladyfield site, currently in the ownership of Dumfries and Galloway Council, sits adjacent to The Crichton.

The Crichton is an 85-acre parkland estate located on the outskirts of Dumfries. It has a thriving business, leisure and academic community and is managed by The Crichton Trust, a charity and social enterprise with a role to protect, preserve, maintain, promote and sensitively develop the estate and its heritage.

To further progress these ambitious plans, The Crichton Trust has appointed a multi-disciplinary team led by Collective Architecture to develop a robust masterplan to consider options for the future development of the site.

The first key stage of this process will involve open engagement with the local community and key stakeholders, with the first community event scheduled to take place at Easterbroook Hall on 9th June 2022 at 14.00, this is open to all in the community to come along and attend.

This event will focus on what makes the Ladyfield site special and unique in the eyes of stakeholders and the local community. This will underpin a shared understanding of the site and guide the principles for taking forward the strategic plan, through the establishment of common goals and principles. A statement covering Vision, Character and Strategy for the development of Ladyfield will subsequently be created and shared publicly.

Gwilym Gibbons, Chief Executive of The Crichton Trust said:

“I am delighted to have an experienced and knowledgeable team of employees and consultants working together to help shape plans for the Ladyfield site in Dumfries. While we are aware some local residents and stakeholders have concerns about this development, we take our responsibility to protect and enhance our physical and natural environments very seriously and I can assure you that we will show the same level of care and respect in developing The Ladyfield site as we do at The Crichton. I, for one, am very excited about the opportunities this project presents and I hope others will share my optimism during the next phase of community and stakeholder engagement activities.”

Councillor Stephen Thompson, Co-Leader of Dumfries and Galloway Council said:

“I am delighted that Dumfries and Galloway Council is a partner in this development, and we look forward to participating in the upcoming community engagement event.  Collective Architecture have an established track-record of working with communities to deliver high-quality innovative masterplans, and I would encourage anyone with an interest in the project to come along on the 9th of June to get your views heard”.

Councillor Linda Dorward, Co-Leader of Dumfries and Galloway Council said:

“This is a very exciting and ambitious project for the Ladyfield site.  Having seen some of the work that The Crichton Trust have achieved over the last few years, I am sure that the development of this site will deliver benefits for all.  I am fully supportive of the extensive public consultation as outlined above and keen to see what the outcomes of the engagement sessions are and how local views will be taken on board when developing the plans.”

Ross Aitchison, Project Architect for Collective Architecture, said:

The Ladyfield 21st Century village project represents a culture-shifting opportunity to create a truly sustainable new community tied to the rich heritage of The Crichton and the significant natural assets of the Ladyfield site. Our experienced design team are excited to be working with The Crichton Trust and their extensive group of stakeholders to deliver on their aspirations for this exemplar project.

We have all become acutely aware of the impact the quality of our homes and shared spaces have on our wellbeing over the past few years as we all spent more time inside and within our local communities. How we make sustainable, adaptable, accessible and socially conscious places is the challenge of our time as we all face the challenges of climate change and an ageing population. This project and its ambitions are an opportunity to explore what a contemporary, sustainable and biodiverse community could look and feel like.

Our role will be to draw out the unique characteristics of the existing historic, social and natural setting to develop a framework for an aspirational and outstanding intergenerational place. The approach of our team will holistically marry best practice approaches to energy, conservation, active travel, housing, education and skills.

The Crichton Trust, embedded within the estate of a historically ground-breaking centre of social wellbeing, understand the importance and benefits of high quality placemaking within the natural environment more than many. We look forward to working with the Trust, stakeholders and the local community on this remarkable project.”


Ladyfield Master Planning and Background

June Consultation Events – download poster or August and October Consultation Events – downloaded – updated poster or check out our What’s On page

As at 28/6 New Community Consultation Tour added to the programme on 16th July


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