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Mars and the Muses: the Renaissance Art of Armour



12th Nov 2019

£ Price



Coffee available from 10.30am


Easterbrook Hall

Mars and the Muses: the Renaissance Art of Armour

Talk by – Tobias Capwell

Armour was one of the great Renaissance art-forms. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries most of the richest noblemen in Europe were dedicated patrons of the armourer’s art, a kind of visual language which they used to project their identity and prestige. The armour-making process demanded both fantastic skill in the sculpting of iron and steel and mastery of decorative techniques such as acid-etching and mercury-gilding. This lecture serves as an introduction to the idea of armour as an expressive art-form, where the achievements of virtuoso armourers embodied splendour and richness while also carrying more complex messages about status, aristocratic associations, the social order and divine power.

Coffee available from 10.30am, Talk begins at 11.00am


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