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Crichton Conversation with Dr Matthew Agarwala


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Doors open at 6:30pm with tea and coffee available, the lectures- will start promptly at 7:30pm.


Easterbook Hall

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Dr Matthew Agarwala
Tuesday 20th February 2024, 7:30 pm
Underpinning sustainable growth in Scotland

For the final lecture of the series, the Crichton Foundation is delighted to be joined by Dr Matthew Agarwala. Matthew is an economist interested in measuring and delivering sustainability, wellbeing, and productivity. His research is motivated by the belief that 21st century progress cannot be described by 20th century statistics.

Matthew leads the Bennett Institute’s Wealth Economy project, which seeks to transform economic measurement to better reflect sustainability, inequality, and human wellbeing. He is also a member of The Productivity Institute, which focuses on addressing the ‘productivity puzzle’, Honorary Professor at Scotland’s Rural College, and is a Senior Policy Fellow at the Yale University’s Tobin Center for Economic Policy.

Matthew regularly consults for governments and scientific organizations on topics of natural capital, ecosystem services, green finance, wellbeing, and sustainability. He enjoys working across sectors and disciplines, and his co-authors include ecologists, economists, conservation scientists and practitioners, social anthropologists, civil servants, members of UK Parliament, and Nobel Laureates in peace, medicine, physics, and chemistry.

Beyond Cambridge, Matthew maintains active research networks in Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, USA, Japan, and throughout the UK. He is a regular media contributor (Bloomberg, NYTimes, FT, Guardian, Times, Channel 4 News, BBC).

Following his lecture, Matthew will be joined by a distinguished panel of guests to ask and respond to questions on this important topic. The panelists are Mary-Ann Smyth, Cara Gillespie, David Finlay and Jock Rome.

This lecture is sponsored by Scotland’s Rural College

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