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Dumfries Campus, The Crichton

Dumfries Campus is a multi-institution campus which means students studying here have access to the services and facilities provided by their own institution, but also to shared facilities and services offered by partner institutions.

Dumfries Campus students can also apply for support from a number of local trusts and organisations including those on site such as The Crichton Foundation and The Holywood Trust.

On site, students have access to various facilities as well as the wider estate including Easterbrook Hall, Easterbrook Bistro, Bar & Spa, The Crichton Memorial Church, Fresco Cafe, playing fields, Holiday Inn Dumfries, The Crichton Golf Course and a range of walking, running and cycling routes and paths.

Dumfries and Galloway is one large outdoor adventure playground full of beaches, rivers, forests and hills offering endless opportunities to participate in sports. The region also has an increasing number of music, arts, sports and food based events and festivals too.

Many facilities offer student incentives and discounts and students are advised to ask for details or to speak to the relevant Student Association.

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