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25 July 2023

We are looking for local choirs to join us on a collaborative project to create a virtual reality choir experience for those who might not have access to in person group singing.

The Crichton Trust are working with CareReality, Alzheimer Scotland, and the University of York in collaboration on the ‘Virtual Choirs in Care Homes: A networked XR therapeutic singing intervention to improve mental health’ project.

The aim of this project is to develop a virtual reality technology to promote the health and wellbeing benefits of group singing by creating a virtual reality community choir for those who might not have access to in person group singing. Participants will be able to sing with a virtual reality recording of a choir as though they are sat within it.

We are searching for local choirs to participate in the project, which will be recorded in the grounds and inside at The Crichton this September. The VR experience will be used in care homes to give people the chance to join choirs from their armchairs.

If you know or are part of a local choir and you would be interested in being involved in the project, please get in touch with the team at York University Choirs will paid for being part of the recording.

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