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4 June 2020

It is Volunteers’ Week and so we thought we would turn our attention to the many wonderful volunteers in our midst at #TheCrichton.

We know that volunteers play a crucial role in many organisations and communities all year round and it is important that we recognise the importance and value of volunteers, not just now, but all the time.

So, whether you are a regular volunteer or have recently stepped in to help respond to the needs of others as a volunteer or whether in fact you routinely give your time and talents and go above and beyond in other ways – thank you all!

Many of the charities and social enterprises on site are supported by a strong network of volunteers and trustees who willingly dedicate their time and expertise and so we are very grateful to you all for being an important part of The Crichton Community, including our own dedicated trustees at The Crichton Trust…

Thank you to all the businesses and individuals who also provide financial or in-kind support to charities, social enterprises and events each year.

We also want to recognise our network of colleagues and students who routinely work and study at The Crichton – we know that many of you also take on volunteering roles in your spare time and we applaud you for that

We also pay tribute to the other third sector organisations throughout Dumfries & Galloway and beyond who work tirelessly to deliver vital services within the region.

So, to ALL volunteers and trustees, thank you for the great work you do, we really appreciate it and this is for you…

#TheCrichtonCommunity #Volunteers #ThankYou

Thank you to…

Crichton parkrun, Dumfries & Galloway Food Train, The Holywood Trust, DCR Online, Crichton University Campus Student Association (CUCSA), Third Sector Dumfries and Galloway, SHAX Charity, Veterans Garden Dumfries, The Crichton, Mostly Ghostly Tours and so many others…

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