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Celebrating National Tree Week

29 November 2023

🌳National Tree Week at The Crichton!

It turns out that yes, there is such a thing as National Tree Week and we are celebrating it this week here at The Crichton. As part of our 100 year landscape plan, we are looking to plant more trees across our site and increase our biodiversity. Work is already underway via this years wildflower meadow and several new trees being planted on site – including most recently a Beech tree, which was purchased with a kind donation to commemorate the King’s Coronation. Gary our Head Gardener, planted the tree near to the Queens Green canopy trees along with a plaque to commemorate the occasion.

We are lucky to have a huge range of wonderful trees on site, many of which are classed as veteran trees. Veteran trees are survivors that have developed some of the features found on ancient trees. However, veteran trees are usually only in their second or mature stage of life. Although veteran trees aren’t as old or complex as ancient trees, they still provide holes, cavities and crevices which are especially important for wildlife. To find out more about ancient, veteran and other trees of special interest, head to The Woodland Trust’s website where you can find lots of detailed information.

For anyone looking to explore the trees at The Crichton, we have a Tree Trail guide you can use to find you way around many of them on site. Discover your new favourite tree, complete the wordsearch, and discover which tree has twigs covered in these scales that make it look like a reptile! Download and follow the Tree Trail here.

It’s not just our trees that are taking the spotlight this week, as one of our tenants, Future Scottish Woodlands, has launched their new £10m fund to support more urban forestry. A key ambition of the programme is to use new and emerging technologies to target the urban areas where creating greenspace will be of the most benefit to people.

Urban forestry is an important step towards combatting climate change. In its simplest form, as climate change continues to occur, more resilient tree planting in many urban areas will provide greater shade in those hotter months and more capacity to soak up greater rainfall – as well as providing a haven for wildlife. You can read more about the progamme here.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s step outside and celebrate our fantastic trees! 🌳

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