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Just Breathe O2

Grierson House

Just Breathe O2 has been established to provide access to Oxygen therapy to a wide range of individuals across the Borderlands community, providing them with an opportunity to self-manage symptoms associated with long term and complex health concerns.

The founder of the organisation, Beth Morrison was previously Operations Director for an organisation based in Inverness, The Oxygen Works, where she played an instrumental part in the growth of the organisation and was also was a key driver in the delivery of a development project to create a centre of excellence in Oxygen Therapy to serve the Scottish Highlands; a £3 million project which is now in its final design stage.

The drive to create a similar model in the south of Scotland, is very much propelled by the passion that powered the success of The Oxygen Works. The experience of seeing the benefits oxygen therapy and support can give to the local community is a driver to change the limited access of this simple therapy across the United Kingdom, but particularly across the Borderlands community where there is a immense lack of accessible oxygen therapy

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