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The Crichton Trust Social Media Moderation Policy

The Crichton Trust has a presence across social media, and we encourage you to connect and engage with these channels. The following moderation guidelines relate to The Crichton Trust’s social media channels, including Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. 

Our social media channels are a safe space for you to find out information and news, connect with The Crichton, and talk to each other. It’s also a place to ask questions about our work, and we will aim to provide relevant, up to date information across our pages.  

All comments, messages and posts are moderated, and we want to avoid anything being shared on our page that causes harm, upset or malicious behaviour towards The Crichton Trust’s board members, employees, those within the community, or other users.  

The Crichton Trust social media code of conduct 


Comments, ideas, debate and different perspectives are welcome and encouraged. We want you to feel like you can discuss your experiences in a safe, respectful environment across our social media channels. We moderate our social media channels to ensure that our communities stay safe. 

Key points 

Commenting guidelines 

What not to do  

How we use social media 

At The Crichton Trust, we use our social media channels predominantly to communicate news and events from The Trust, our business tenants, news from the wider community and updates from the venues on The Crichton Estate.  

Reposts and shares from other pages do not imply endorsement by The Crichton Trust; we may repost or share news, links and events that are relevant to our venues, our business tenants, board members, or those that work at The Crichton Trust. 

We also follow accounts and pages that are relevant to The Crichton Trust, as well and the events and activities that happen at The Crichton an in the local area. This does not imply an endorsement of any kind. 

Our channels are not continuously monitored and are run by a small team, so it can take us some time to get back to comments. As mentioned throughout this post, if you are looking for a timely response, please email or call 01387 247544.

Some of our staff may post on social media under their own names, but their social media activity does not represent the views of The Crichton Trust and should be considered the product of each individual as a private citizen.  


We may monitor and delete comments if we believe they fall under any of the points in ‘What not to do’ above. We also reserve the right to post with the comments switched off, which we may do if we’re looking to make a statement. If you have any questions about this, you can contact us directly on 01387 247544. 

Contacting The Crichton Trust 

For anything urgent or for more time sensitive enquiries, please call us on 01387 247544, email, or contact the relevant department Contact Us – The Crichton Trust as required.

Policy updated: February 2024.



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